Bruce Campbell Talks Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 & Ash’s Dad!

“He’s even grumpier than Ash!”


By Jay Hunter – Ash vs Evil Dead made it’s first Comic-Con appearance of the year to promote Season 2. Along with meeting Ash’s Dad, Brock Williams (Lee Majors). Bruce Campbell (Ash) also spoke a little bit about what we can expect in the 10 episode series.

“He’s even grumpier than Ash!”
“He’s even grumpier than Ash!”

Campbell went on to say;

“Pablo’s got a crazy journey this year. The stuff he goes through makes my life seem easy. I think we’re going to find out that he’s not just Ash’s sidekick. I don’t think Ray had any idea what was coming. Some of the horrors that await Pablo…”

Ash will start the new season by enjoying the nightlife scene in Jacksonville, Florida.

“We find Ash right where he wants to be: having keggers, and hanging with chicks, and living the good life in Jacksonville” says Campbell.

“He’s through with all this business. No strings on him. And what could possibly go wrong, right?” “Things go massively wrong” says the actor. “Things turn south, so the team has to turn north. [This season] Ash goes home.’”

Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 will hit our screens this Autumn.

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Author: Jay Hunter

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