By Jay Hunter – The Conjuring 2 has allowed director James Wan to hit a huge milestone. According to reports the horror sequel has just surpassed $300m at the worldwide box-office, this is a huge sum for a horror movie and it brings The Conjuring franchise up to $882m, becoming the third-highest-grossing horror franchise ever in the process.

The Conjuring in 2013 made $318m and it’s spin off Annabelle managed to rake in $259.9m. With just three films, the series has leapfrogged the Saw series (seven movies at $874m) and is coming in behind just the Paranormal Activity series (six titles at $889.5m) and the Resident Evil series (five titles at $915.7m).

After 1973’s The Exorcist ($441.3M), The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2 are the second and third highest-grossing horror films at the global box office.

The fourth title in The Conjuring series, Annabelle 2, opens on May 19th 2017

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