By Jay Hunter Rob Zombie has always been a divisive character, from his music to his movies people either love him or hate him. However, his work to bring his critics and his fans closest together has always been down to The Devils Rejects. The movie which follows the the psychopathic Firefly family is far and away his most critically well received movie. One of the movies stars, Bill Mosley has often spoke about fan interaction and constantly being asked about a sequel to the movie. Recently, speaking to Shock Waves podcast, he addressed the possibility further saying;

“You know, it’s so funny. When people ask and they do – a lot of times, Sid Haig and I are at horror conventions together and we usually sit next to one another. During the course of any given day, inevitably, a fan will say ‘is there going to be a sequel?’ I go, ‘hey Sid.’ ‘Yeah!’ ‘Is there going to be a sequel to Devils Rejects?’ And he goes, ‘Nope!’ And I go ‘how come?’ And we both go in unison, ‘Because we’re fucking dead!’”

“Darren Bousman the other night saw me with this beard for a movie I did in Sweden, and he’s convinced and a conspiracy theorist that I’d been talking to Rob lately (about another one),” said Mosely on the podcast. “‘Is little Otis coming out again?’

Mosley went on to say “I do hope they do it! I’m wishing great success for Rob’s new movie 31, because that was entirely crowd funded, and maybe that’s the way (to make another movie together). I think that Lionsgate must own the rights (to the Firefly characters), so I’m sure there’d have to be some negotiation there. I don’t really know. I’m sure House of 1000 Corpses and Devils Rejects both turned a profit, so I would think that’d be a good reason to do a third one.”

Despite Bill Mosley not sounding overly confident, the movies director, Rob Zombie often teases the possibility of a sequel via his social media pages. Would you like to see another movie in the Firefly family saga? Let us know in your comments below!

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