'It's like remaking Citizen Kane' Zemeckis will refuse to let a remake happen in his lifetime

In a world of reboots, remakes and reimagining’s the news that Hollywood won’t be going back to the future is bound to excite fans the world over. Famed filmmaker and director of the Back To The Future trilogy, Robert Zemeckis recently spoke to The Telegraph about blocking a remake from happening whilst he’s alive, and hopefully after his death. When asked about a remake, the director had this to say;

“Oh, God no. That can’t happen until both Bob and I are dead. And then I’m sure they’ll do it, unless there’s a way our estates can stop it. I mean, to me, that’s outrageous. Especially since it’s a good movie. It’s like saying ‘Let’s remake Citizen Kane. Who are we going to get to play Kane?’ What folly, what insanity is that Why would anyone do that?”

Back to the Future co-writer, Bob Gale has previously ruled out writing a Back to the Future Part IV that would pick up some point after Part III. When asked, Gale said that the story would never truly be Back to the Future if Marty wasn’t played by Michael J Fox, whose Parkinson’s disease has severely limited his acting career since the early 2000’s. Gale stated;

“The idea of making another Back to the Future movie without Michael J Fox – you know, that’s like saying, ‘I’m going to cook you a steak dinner and I’m going to hold the beef,’”.

Zemeckis and Gale’s Back to the Future screenplay won a shared Academy Award nomination in 1986. Nine years later, Zemeckis won an Academy Award for Best Director Oscar for Forrest Gump.

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