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M is for mixed

By Jay Hunter – ABC’s Of Death 2.5 is a horror anthology made up of 25 short movies all focusing on ways to die beginning with the letter M. Unlike previous entries into the series which featured many high profile directors, the 25 movies that feature here are winners selected from 500 shorts submitted into a competition for unknown film makers.

A plethora of creativity is showcased throughout ABC’s of Death 2.5, which gradually builds towards the movies crescendo. The movie features such a wide variant on the horror spectrum, as well as some comedic elements it will make you thankful to be able to witness so many amateur filmmakers under one roof.

As can be expected, some segments of the movie are better than others. Stand our shorts such as the animated M is for Maieusiophobia directed by Christopher Youne, will have you glued to the screen awaiting the outcome. M is for Mailbox directed by Dante Vescio and Rodrigo Gasparini also conjures a sense of nostalgia with it’s Hammer Horror undertones.

Even though many segments backfire, with a sense of amateur filmmaking interwoven throughout the runtime, it is a component that can be forgiven, as after all this is a movie incepted by hopeful filmmakers.

ABC’s Of Death 2.5 is a strong anthology movie filled ingenuity throughout. It’s concoction of different horror inspirations and comedic tones will keep you entertained throughout the majority of the movie, unfortunately a chasm in terms of quality from different directors doesn’t allow viewing quite as fluid as it should be.

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