How many of you bought? How many do you plan to buy? Why?

By Beth McConnell The worlds most popular show will be soon to dominate our television screens, so what better way to prepare than to let the show dominate your bank account to!?

Here’s 19 things every Walking Dead fan needs:

19. Walking Dead Monopoly

Argos Argos

Because a regular game of Monopoly just isn’t self destructive enough

18. ‘Don’t Open, Dead Inside’, Decal

Etsy Etsy

Because every person outside of America just streams the show on their laptop

17. The Walking Dead Coaster Set

Etsy Etsy

For those season premiere parties

16. A Hilarious Coral Poster

Etsy Etsy

Just a thing of beauty.

15. A Hilarious Coral T-Shirt

Etsy Etsy

In all it’s ice-breaking glory.

14. Phone Case

Amazon Amazon

With the series most beautiful line.

13. The Official Walking Dead Survival Kit

Popmarket Popmarket

Because a lot of people will be asking you for advice when it actually happens.

12. Little Ass Kicker Babysuit

Think Geek Think Geek

Because it’s never too early to start.

11. A Replica Of Michonne’s Katana

Amazon Amazon

Just, don’t use it at home.

10. A Pop Vinyl

Amazon Amazon

Since it’ll be either walkers or these things taking over the world first.

9. A Walker Lamp

Amazon Amazon

Because you can’t watch those scary episodes in the dark.

8. A Daryl Replica Poncho


I mean, do I really need to give a reason?

7. All The Seasons On Blu-Ray


Quick refresher before season 7.

6. This Three Question Mug

Etsy Etsy

I mean, you’ve got to trust someone before you give them a cup of tea, right?

5. Fan Art Poster

Etsy Etsy

A work of art, just like Daryl.

4. A Life Sized Daryl

Amazon Amazon

Just anything, Daryl really.

3. Custom Walking Dead Vans

Etsy Etsy

Walkers for your walkers!

2. The Walking Dead Graphic Novels

Wordery Wordery

Where it all began.

1. Halloween Horror Nights Tickets

Halloween Horror Nights Halloween Horror Nights

Trust us on this one, it’s awesome.

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