Rick Grimes, The Walking Dead Marketing ramps up as the worlds most popular show gets ready to return.

Not even world beating shows like The Walking Dead are impervious to criticism, whilst the show has been show has always blown hot and cold with critics, the majority of fans were always satisfied. That was, until the season 6 premiere.

Of course ending a season in such as a way is went to emote the audience, but instead of tension, the showrunners ended up with receiving anger and frustration. Of course, season 6 ended with new bad guy, Negan reciting ‘eenie, meanie, miny, moe’ in order to choose his victim. Shot from the point of view from the victim, we know Negan did indeed kill off a main character, we just don’t know who.

Andrew Lincoln, who plays Rick Grimes in the show has now weighed in on the negative reaction to the scene ahead of season seven’s October premiere. Speaking to Entertainment Weekly he said:

“I love the fact that everybody is so engaged with it and so opinionated about it. I think it’s a great energy that we feed off. I mean, obviously we don’t want a divided reaction every time we do something as a season finale because then we’d start to be concerned but we value and respect everybody’s opinion because without it we wouldn’t be here. I sort of keep out of the online stuff. I don’t do any social media. I don’t read reviews, because you can’t just take the good stuff. You have to take the bad stuff as well, and I don’t want to engage in that.”

Of course, this is a professional stance from Lincoln, who doesn’t want to enrage fans or his bosses with his response. He goes on to say:

“Every time I leave my house…everybody’s going, “Please tell me. Just tell me. Just whisper, who is it? Is it you? Why are you in England at the moment? What are you doing here? Why are you not working or filming?”… It’s hilarious. Absolutely insane. So, part of me just goes, well, it’s people talking for a considerable amount of time. Whether you love it or hate it, it has kept people talking.”

Jeffrey Dean Morgan who plays Negan in the show recently stated at San Diego Comic-Con who he DIDN’T kill (see the video here) but with the shows current marketing campaign, it seems that was nothing but a red-herring.

Of course, everyone will be tuning into the worlds most popular show on it’s premiere date of October 23rd to find out the answer the biggest television question of the year.

The Walking Dead season 7 premieres October 23rd on AMC.

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Source – EW

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