The Lost Boys To Be Adapted Into A Television Series

TV executives chant ‘one of us’ as The Lost Boys gets it’s own television series


The Lost Boys (1987)

The likes of the Scream TV show haven’t been able to keep many original fans happy

By Beth McConnell Deadline has reported that the CW television network has nabbed the rights to The Lost Boys, one cult-classic cinema’s most beloved properties. The series will be created by Rob Thomas (Veronica Mars and iZombie), Gulfstream TV and Warner Bro’s.

If CW are looking to fill a void left by The Vampire Diaries, it’s possible fans of the original Lost Boys movie, won’t be satisfied with the tone of the new TV series.

The series has allegedly been penned in for a seven-season, anthology-style run. Each season will span over a decade, with season one beginning in 1967. Whilst the human cast will change through each season, the vampires will be the only reoccurring characters.

The premise itself is certainly an interesting one, which will really explore the immortal side of being a vampire. However after lacklustre sequels and many horror movies getting poor TV adaptations, the execution of the show will be the main concern for Lost Boys fans.

Perhaps with the big 80’s revolution within Hollywood at the moment the best thing the show could do would to be follow in the footsteps of Netflix super-hit, Stranger Things and play off of our nostalgia.


Source – Deadline

Author: Jay Hunter

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