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Early rumours suggest the footage is a post-credit scene in the upcoming Justice League movie

By Jay Hunter Ben Affleck tweeted an extremely interesting video clip earlier this week. The footage, which is around 30 seconds long appears to show rogue gallery villain, Deathstroke (see below)


The fan favourite baddie is a character many Batman affectionados have been clambering to see on the silver screen for many a year. Also known as Slade Joseph Wilson, the character is a mercenary and an assassin who was originally an arch nemesis of the Teen Titans.

No news yet on whether the character wildly rumoured to be played by Joe Manganiello, will appear in The Justice League or whether this is footage from The Batman movie directed by Affleck himself. The most likely scenario is that this is a post-credit scene for The Justice League movie which will setup Affleck’s solo movie, however revealing it this early has got people scratching their heads.

Where do you think Deathstroke will appear in the DCEU? Let us know in the comments below

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