Images: Lionsgate Images: Lionsgate

Blair Witch embodies everything wrong with modern horror
By Beth McConnell Originally marketed as The Woods, Blair witch is this year’s surprise summer sequel. The film is a direct continuation of the original Blair Witch Project, where we see Heather, Mike and Josh fall to great peril in the mysterious woods.

Images: Lionsgate Images: Lionsgate

The movie, set 15 years after the original footage was found follows Heather’s younger brother, James. Who happens upon a YouTube video of what he believes to be his sister alive in the woods. Along with his film-maker friends (convenient) they set out into the Burkettsville woods to look for clues.

After a fairly intriguing opening, the film very rapidly falls into a plethora of cheap jump-scares and vomit inducing shaky-cam.

Images: Lionsgate

Were the original Blair Witch was somewhat of a trend-setter, the 2016 sequel follows all the generic millennial tropes of modern horror. The film delves into the scares faster than it’s predecessor and instead of relying on a slow build-up creating a tense atmosphere, Blair Witch relies heavily on loud noises and jump scares. A lot is very much down to your taste in horror, as many complained about the lack of action in the original, here we are subjected to a barrage of non-stop hyperactivity. Ultimately the fatal flaw comes in the third act, where we witness a stream of CGI and overblown effects, betraying the subtly of what made the original great.

To cap it off, Blair Witch stands out as a stumbling block on Adam Wingard’s otherwise impressive resume. For more opinions on the movie, be sure to check out our podcast this weekend.

Blair Witch arrives in cinemas September 16th

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