Image: Southport Visitor Image: Southport Visitor

By Jay Hunter – For ten years, Farmageddon has been the UK’s premiere scare attraction. An interactive horror experience which sees Farmer Ted’s in Ormskirk overrun with roaming zombies and creatures of the night. Featuring three interactive scare houses and a paintball experience, we were lucky enough to check out Farmageddon before it’s October 1st opening.

Terror on the Farm

The first house we entered was Terror on the Farm. Farmageddon‘s original mausoleum of mayhem, Farm features a labyrinth of corridors, crypts and caverns. Extending the experience this year, has seen the incorporation of The Foundary. An additional area of Terror on the Farm which sees twisted metal and fire being added into the mix. The merging of these two themes creates one of the longest haunts I’ve ever been subjected to, where as Terror on the Farm was perhaps one of the weaker houses in past years, it’s now made a claim as the strongest and most terrifying attraction on the farm.
Next we headed over to The Meat Locker, certainly the most blood-thirsty and adult of the houses. Meat Locker sees your group locked in a holding room before entering the house itself. A construction of severed body parts and past victims begging for your help awaits as the sinister Malachi hunts you and your party.

Out of the three houses, Contagion is certainly the most fun and original. A 3D neon house sees you navigate through the aftermath of a toxic by-product. Crazed mutant personnel, medical staff and lab techs prowl through Contagion. You may want to keep an eye on the walls for some unwanted visitors…


Finally, we hit up a UK first. Zombie Outlaw arrived at Farmageddon in 2015, an interactive trailer ride through the fields and wastelands of Farmageddon. Zombie outlaw sees you take control of a fixed paintball gun on an open top double-decker bus, a lot tamer than the other houses, but certainly a cathartic release after being terrified by ghost and ghouls all night! It’s worth being conservative with your paintball ammo as the experience lasts around 12 minutes, but you still get your money’s worth. Don’t worry about your clothes, you won’t be shot in return.

Farmageddon is forged in Hell but conveniently located on the B5195, just off the Formby bypass. You can buy your tickets – here

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