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Spoilers for Scream Queens, Warts and All

By Jay Hunter – This weeks Scream Queens managed to develop two main characters nicely as we discover a dark secret about Dr. Brock Holt and find out the real motives behind Cathy Munsch opening the hospital. But ultimately it was a lacklustre follow up to a vigorous season two premiere.

Introducing a new patient at Dean Munsch’s C.U.R.E hospital named Tyler, a man suffering from neurofibromatosis type 1 (incurable warts), episode two hits beats identical to last weeks instalment. When Chanel #5 searches for a cure only for the throw away character to be killed in the weeks finale by The Green Meanie, a problem facilitated by the shows formula is revealed; being that we can’t connect to any new characters, knowing they’ll be killed off 40 minutes later, whilst also never putting any of the main characters in danger.

Warts and All boasted some lovely cinematography Thankfully, a welcome return comes in the form of Chad, Chanel’s hilarious ex-boyfriend played by Glen Powell. Chad who provided many of the laughs in season one, manages to resuscitate a lifeless episode into something at least mildly amusing. With a brief segment starring Dr. Holt and Chad contributing a brilliantly choreographed shower sequence. Unfortunately, other than this, the shows main crutch of humour is knocked out from underneath it.

The episode highlight was certainly seeing a meta-humour battle between Jamie Lee Curtis and a masked serial killer in the hospital. But it cant save Warts and All from simply coming off like an stoic rehash of the season two opener. A Silence of the Lambs segment swings for the fences but misses wildly, coming off as sleepy and uninspired and the shows one liners never commit to the total uproarious absurdity of past episodes.

Fortunately, Scream Queens new leaner cast certainly works in season two’s favour and with their great chemistry there’s no reason to think the show won’t get back on track in future weeks.


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