American Horror Story: Roanoke – Chapter 3 Review

The sixth season of American Horror Story struggles with underlying issues

This article contains spoilers for American Horror Story: Roanoke, Chapter 3

By Jay Hunter
 – Roanoke is quickly becoming a lifeless broth of every horror movie you’ve ever seen, with one major problem, there’s no horror. Whilst all three of our main characters may be further apart from each other than first suggested, the season documentary hook has sucked any tension out of the narrative.

Opening during the manhunt for the missing Flora, Chapter 3 managed to introduce plenty of new lore and move the story firmly into the supernatural. We’re introduced to physic Cricket, played by Leslie Jordan, who with his stark white hair conjures up more than one thought of Insidious’ Lin Shaye, who essentially solves the case of Flora in thirty minutes. She’s with The Butcher (Kathy Bates) and the other ghosts.



Accommodating a sizeable chunk of the episode, is Kathy Bates (see left) and her back story. Although her ridiculous Irish-Welsh-English-American accent is jarring enough for anybody to be taken out of the episode.

The episode’s final act once again provides the questionable acts of the characters. Whilst of course, Matts possessed actions where deplorable, given Shelby’s personal experiences since moving into the house you’d think there would be some leeway in her mindset, or at least a delay until after her sister-in-law’s daughter was safe.

Chapter 3, managed to introduce new elements into the story giving a nice foundation going forward, one can only hope Chapter 4 is executed better, however there may be no way to climb the mountain the series has given itself in the form of it’s docudrama structure.

Author: Jay Hunter

Owner of Jump Scare UK. Award nominated writer. The Playlist, Fangoria, Rue Morgue, The Guide Liverpool & more. I killed Mufasa #LFC

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