Ash vs Evil Dead Season 2 2016
This article contains spoilers for Ash vs Evil Dead, Home

By Jay Hunter – You’ve got to kind of respect the Evil Dead as a product. It reminiscent of the band Slayer, their legacy spans over a number of decades, fans both young and old love them, they’re both aware they’re blood soaked and ridiculous and they never, ever change…yet there is a complexity to them. Not many products have achieved to be so enduring but so one tone, yet the Evil Dead and Slayer both manage that.

Ash vs Evil Dead season two opens in a Jacksonville party hub, our heroic Ash Williams played by none other than Bruce Campbell is busy arranging a party of his own between a mother and daughter (chainsaw and all). The episode effortlessly glides forward as Ash and Pablo go on an adventure to find the Necronomicon in order to stop the deadites once and for all, leading to the very roots of the Evil Dead.


Season two plays the exact same beats you have come to expect, blood, gore, fun and sex. It takes the very foundations of slasher horror and dials them up to Spinal Tap-esque numbers, never bogged down by the character development or sluggish nature of which shows like The Walking Dead often tend to suffer with. The Starz show is a 30 minute, lean, mean, bloody machine.

Having Sam Raimi on board is no doubt doing the show wonders. However, Ash vs Evil Dead’s biggest asset is also it’s biggest detriment. If you aren’t in the mood for a morally deficient, putrid half hour then you won’t enjoy this season any more than the last. The content may wear thin as it rolls on, but it’s admirable that Ash vs Evil Dead knows exactly what it is, and revels in it.

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