By Jay Hunter – Lord of the Rings and self-confessed genre fan, Elijah Wood has plenty of fingers in the proverbial horror pie. Wood has stared in a multitude of genre movies including 1998’s The Faculty and acclaimed slasher remake, Maniac before going on to cofound indie-horror company, SpectreVision. Guiding the likes of A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night and upcoming bizarro horror, Greasy Strangler to the silver screen, Wood recently spoke to EW about the icon Halloween.

I think I watch Halloween every Halloween,” said Wood. “It’s one of my favorite films of all-time. It elicits a warm and fuzzy feeling for me, genuinely. It makes me feel happy. The innovation of the film still blows me away — and how simple it is. It was obviously among the films to start the slasher movement. We saw a lot of films copy it, and ultimately deviate, or water the genre down. That film uses empty space really well. The camera will pan, and you’ll see a glimpse of Michael Myers standing in the background, and that will be terrifying, rather than relying on jump scares, and things we’ve come to know within the genre. It had room to breathe. That opening sequence can’t be beat, that POV shot with the reveal of a child. It’s f—ing incredible.

It’s hard to argue with Wood, of course John Carpenter’s classic is a not only a Halloween favourite but a movie favourite within cinephile circles.


John Carpenter will be touring the UK on select dates this October.

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