American Horror Story: Roanoke – Chapter 4 Review

Blood for the Old Gods


Blood for the old gods


Spoilers for American Horror Story: Roanoke, Chapter 4

By Jay Hunter – Chapter 4 of American Horror Story was a choppy affair, that upped the stakes at the cost of it’s pacing. This week relied heavily on Roanoke flashbacks in order to dish out information and backstories for many side characters, resulting in season six’s goriest outing to date as the Lost Colony began to kill, due to the anniversary of the curse coming around.

American Horror Story feels like it’s backed itself into a corner very early on this season and is now relying heavily on backstory to flesh out the runtime. By this weeks conclusion Flora manages to get back into the arms of Matt and Shelby and a final showdown seems all but inevitable.


This week alone we received no more than five flashbacks or exposition pieces, including; the Lost Colony, Lady Gaga’s Scathach, the Chen family, a group of hunters and Mr.Piggy.

Despite pacing issues for the main bulk of the episode, the opening and closing moments really elevated chapter four higher than previous weeks this season. The pig man chase had relative tension and Crickets disembowelling in the final act was as horrific as it gets for an FX show.

Unfortunately all of Roanoke’s underlying problems remain. Characters are introduced just to be brutally murdered moments later, there’s no real fear for our main characters and some of the dialogue and acting is laughable, particularly from The Lost Colony itself. Crucially, both Matt and Shelby are now witnessing legitimate bloodshed amongst the litany of other creepy goings on, including Matt having a semiconscious fling with an ancient witch, yet do nothing to get away from the house. Of course, Flora was the main motivation but despite this, its verging on ridiculous that the duo still refuse to vacate the property.

Author: Jay Hunter

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