Westworld – Chestnut Review

‘Til things are brighter, I’m The Man in Black



This article contains spoilers for Westworld, Chestnut

By Jay Hunter The second week of Westworld saw Lee pitching his latest narrative, whilst Dr. Ford had other ideas; meanwhile Bernard and Theresa debate whether a recent host anomaly is contagious; as The Man in Black conscripts a condemned man Lawernce, to help him uncover Westworld’s deepest secrets.

Where as the pilot episode of Westworld felt very narratively different to most series, focusing largely on continuous loops from the perspective of Dolores. Chestnut sees a much more customary story as we follow a brace of guests experiencing the park.

The “world within a world” scenario with Lee Sizemore giving his pitch on the newest Westworld narrative, entitled ‘Odyssey on Red River’ gave a nice fourth wall feel to the episode, promoting just how complex the theme park actually is.

Images: HBO

Whilst the showrunner’s may be pointing us in the direction of William and Logo as the “main characters” there’s no denying just how consummated Ed Harris’ arc is. Clearly a veteran of the park, the Man in Black is seen recruiting a new member in the form of Lawrence this week as he baptises himself into Westworld ever deeper. His storyline of course hints at more grandiose schemes, including hints that The Man is in fact, a Host himself.

Still leaving plenty of breadcrumbs and open ended questions which will no doubt be answered by a “higher power” of such throughout the season, Chestnut managed to build upon the series superb opening week. Showing us the inner goings on at the park as well as adding mists of mystery and adding more character development to the likes of Maeve who’s emotions are altered by Elsie to prevent a recall.

From a technical level, there’s no doubt that Westworld is the most flawlessly executed show on television at this moment in time.


Author: Jay Hunter

Owner of Jump Scare UK. Award nominated writer. The Playlist, Fangoria, Rue Morgue, The Guide Liverpool & more. I killed Mufasa #LFC

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