mv5bnzc5mzuxnje0nl5bml5banbnxkftztgwnji3mzyxmdi-_v1_sy1000_sx1535_al_This article contains spoilers for Scream Queens, Handidates

By Jay Hunter Handidates was the most uneven episode of Scream Queens season two to date, where as it’s second entry was a surprising drop off in terms of quality from the season opener, this week managed to claw back some humour, albeit with plenty of lines that don’t land.

Suspension of disbelief is a necessity when it comes to a program like Scream Queens. That being said, seeing the Chanel’s branding #5 as a serial killer in the opening scene still felt like a leap in logic, even for individuals as nebbish as themselves. As the trio go back and forth, Dean Munsch enters to clear up the situation by dumping Tyler’s body into the swap behind the hospital, because it worked so well decades before…

A following scene in which Chad’s friend is brutally murdered is one of the most gore heavy kills we’ve seen so far this season, not to be topped by a brace of Zack Snyder spirited slaughters in the closing ten minutes in terms of brutality.

Images: FOX

The pacing this week seemed to meander along, with a few entertaining focal scenes thrown in for good measure. Again we are introduced to another patient with a bizarre aliment, only for them to be butchered before the end of the episode. The clinquant scape’s this week however have to be given to Cassidy and Chanel #3 as their romance blossoms, ridiculous almost Scary Movie-esque dialogue decorates their love scenes, it’s all very silly, but if you’re this deep into the series you know what to presuppose.

Chad and Dr.Holt have more great chemistry in the locker-room as they’re vying for Chanel’s attention. Conclusively ending with Chad performing a typically Chad proposal in a public park, asking for Chanel’s hand in marriage. Once she accepts, the episode’s climax is held at Chad and Chanel’s wedding, where the show does less than take a shot to the foot, rather than takes a rocket launcher to it’s heart by killing Chad Radwell. It’s a move that feels like it could of been built as a second storyline throughout the series, ending in a genuine emotional blow. Instead it’s inception and completion within half an episode comes off as a rushed shock-job, sweeping the feet from underneath the audience for a cheap consternation.

Worryingly, Chad provided the main volume of the laughs for Scream Queens, so it will be interesting to see where the show goes from here.


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