By Jay Hunter After 18 months of hard work, we’ve been nominated for the 2017 National Blog Awards. The public vote will end Monday 19th December. We just want to take a minute to thank everyone who has ever read an article, wrote for us, listened to a podcast, watched a video, shared a status or bought a t-shirt.

It means the world that we are able to talk about our passions with you, to share our frustrations and love of cinema every day is a great feeling and we couldn’t do it without you. We hope 2017 will bring around new ideas and more content than ever before.

How to help

1. Simply click on the link here
2. Fill out your information
3. Vote for us in the ‘Arts and Culture + Vlogger and Podcast’ 
4. Share with your family and friends
5. Let us know that you’ve voted so we can thank you personally!

Special thanks to Joey Hughes, Christopher Burns, John-Joseph Calvert, Leigh Maddocks, James Crowley, Stuart Hagan & Paul Ryan

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