By Beth McConnell – 2016 promised us so much, but now with more than half the year gone, it’s delivered very little. On a recent podcast we all discussed our top movies of 2016 so far (listen here) but, we were the first ones to admit that it was hard to put together a quality list.

However, we aren’t ones to learn from our past mistakes and we’re already awaiting 2017 with baited breath. There’s many films promised such as a Deathgasm sequel (check our interview with director Jason Howden here) and another Nightmare on Elm Street remake (you can check out our choices for directors here) but, without any solid information on that, we’ll go off of what we know for certain.

Here’s our most anticipated horror movies of 2017.

Honourable mentions
Death House, Insidious: Chapter 4, Saw Legacy

10. Annabelle 2

Lets get this out the way, the first Annabelle was awful. However, it’s still part of The Conjuring series, and to date it’s the franchise’s only fault, so we’re hoping it’s a one off blip for the series. Lights Out (reviewdirector David F. Sandberg will be helming the project, and after a surprisingly good full length debut, we’re looking forward to this and hoping Sandberg can change Annabelle’s fortunes.

9. Suspiria

Whilst remakes are notoriously unpopular with horror fans, especially when it comes to works of art like Suspiria, the upcoming remake has got a lot of potential on it’s side. With Tilda Swinton attached and Luca Guadagino on board, we’re hoping Suspiria can bring some truly incredible visuals into the horror world once again.

8. Meg

The Shallows was the pleasant surprise of the summer (review), it was a lean and slick horror movie that may just make shark movies cool again. Eli Roth will certainly hope so as he gears up to make his big-budget monster movie. On a top-secret dive into the Pacific Ocean’s deepest canyon, Jonas Taylor found himself face-to-face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the animal kingdom. The sole survivor of the mission, Taylor is haunted by what he’s sure he saw but still can’t prove exists – Carcharodon Megalodon. If there’s a twenty ton prehistoric shark on the screen, you can count us in!

7. Childs Play 7

The Childs Play series may not be the most legitimate horror series anymore, but it still has a loyal fanbase that will always be up for the ride. Whilst Curse of Chucky wasn’t a masterpiece, it was certainly a fun horror movie and we’re hoping the upcoming movie from Don Mancini will be heading in the same direction.

6. Hellraiser: Judgement

There’s no telling which way this could go, the Hellraiser series has been poor since the third entry, but Pinhead endures as a horror icon all the same. Director Gary J. Tunnicliffe has noted how this is a passion project for him, so we’re hoping he can inject some great quality in the series yet again. We recently got our first look at the new Cenobites which you can see right – here!

5. The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower has got a lot of our readers excited and we’re no different. The Dark Tower series is one of Kings most popular and enduring tales. With Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey on board, we can’t wait to get our first look at this.

4. Stephen King’s IT

The IT remake hasn’t had the easiest of times making it to the big screen, True Detective director Carey Fukunaga dropped out of the project last summer citing studio conflicts. But now with Bill Skarsgård on board to play Pennywise and filming firmly underway, the movie will hit our screens September 8th.

3. Friday the 13th

There’s nothing a Friday the 13th movie can do that we aren’t expecting or haven’t seen already in it’s numerous predecessors, but it’s a pillar of horror cinema, so we don’t need to explain why we want to see the hockey masked killer on our screens again. Details on the movie have been back and forth, but you can expect some more news soon.

2. Halloween Returns

Much like Friday, Halloween is a staple of horror. Blumhouse have now aquired the rights and are aiming for a October 2017 release, but whats got us most excited is John Carpenters inclusion with the production and score!

1. Alien: Covenant

As we said in our introduction, we don’t learn off past mistakes. Prometheus was a huge let down, but with more Xenomorphs promised in Alien: Covenant and all the news we’ve seen so far, we’re really hyped for this one. The crew of the colony ship Covenant discover what they think is an uncharted paradise, but it is actually a dark, dangerous world, whose sole inhabitant is the synthetic David, survivor of the doomed Prometheus expedition.

What horror movies are you looking forward to in 2017? Let us know in the comments below!


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