By Jay Hunter What Passengers marketing campaign may not of warned you about, is that it’s sole premise is built upon astonishingly selfish foundations. Starring arguably the two biggest stars of the teen demographic in Hollywood right now, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt star as the two passengers of the spaceship Avalon. Who on a 120-year journey to a new planet, are awoken from their hibernation pods, 90 years too early. As the sheep teeters on the edge of destruction, they must unravel the mystery behind the ships malfunction to save the thousand of lives on board.

In a scene that was clearly penned in order to shoehorn romance and J-Law into the movie, Pratt mouth-breathes all over Lawrence’s pod, devouring all of her personal information and waking her up. In canon, it’s a minor inconvenience but in reality our ‘hero’ has effectively murdered a young girl for no other reason than company. Despite ravishing visuals and admittedly scintillating chemistry between the two, it’s script proves too much of a blunder to ever get over. A shame considering the movies interesting premise.



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