By Jay Hunter A title that sounds vaguely like a 2007 metal-core band may not strike confidence into many viewers, however The Autopsy of Jane Doe is a solid entry from André Overdal’s who’s filmography also includes 2010’s romp, Trollhunter.


In what begins as just another night at the morgue for father son coroner duo played by Brian Cox and Emile Hirsch respectively, an unusual, unidentified corpse is delivered. The corpse was buried in the basement of a home in a horrific crime scene, however the Jane Doe houses no signs of struggle or an obvious cause of death. Working together through the night, the duo piece together secrets of her life, as they get closer to the truth is seems Jane Doe may not be dead after all.

It’s an gripping premise that could work as a highly intellectual crime-drama on HBO, that is until it’s overblown pantomime final act. Cox gives a typically enthralling performance, with young Hirsch also shouldering a fair portion of the picture. Unfortunately – much like Jane herself – the movie seems somewhere between the life of arthouse and the death of gooey-schlock.


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