By Jay Hunter Less of a movie and more of a barometer for social maturity, Why Him? sees a welcome return to comedy for Bryan Cranston who stars alongside James Franco. It’s a movie premise that has been beaten to death in Hollywood, but still manages a few chuckles here or there.


Ned (Cranston), plays an overprotective but loving dad, who along with the rest of his family visits his daughter bro-illionaire boyfriend, Laird (Franco) a socially inept man child who’s amassed his fortune through the world of technology. ‘Hilarity’ ensues as Ned and Laird butt heads over their daughters/girlfriends affection.

Whilst there’s an abundance of low-brow, repulsive humour for the preteens watching it’s also nice to see Cranston hasn’t lost his comedic timing after spending so many years as the iconic Walter White. Of course the movie comes knocking with the indispensable cliché of accepting inter-generational change, but much like Laird there’s still a good heart hidden under the Moose urine and penis jokes. An enjoyable, yet dispensable watch.


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