By Jay Hunter There’s no director that infuriates quite like M. Night Shyamalan, after a prodigious start to his career he nosedived into box-office bomb after box-office bomb with Lady in the Water, Last Airbender and After Earth all crippling his reputation. 2015’s The Visit showed signs of the phoenix rising from the ashes however and with Split, the director seems to have complete the process back to a solid run of form.


When Kevin (James McAvoy) abducts three teenage girls it materialising that he is in fact battling 23 different personalities within his own psyche with one set to materialise and dominate the others. In a battle against time, both Kevin and the three girls must find a way to survive the horrifying situation.

It’s a standard plot, that Shyamalan intelligently sweeps under the rug with a dynamic performance from McAvoy. There’s no doubt that the entire movie is a vehicle for McAvoy to project his Jekyll and Hyde prowess. That’s not to say performances from the younger cast go unnoticed, Anna Taylor-Joy (The Witch) once again proves that she’s an actress to keep a look at for. Naturally, the movie hides some surprises, after all this is a Shyamalan movie. The second movie in a row from the director is understated once again, however it proves he’s on the right track as he rebuilds his empire toward the Hollywood elite.


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