By Jay Hunter Earlier this year – due to amazing fan support – we were informed that Jump Scare UK was in the finals of the UK Blog Awards, becoming one of the top eight independent arts & culture blogs in the country. Since then, we’ve received a lot of questions from a variety of industries on what it takes to become an award-nominated blog, after all blogging and technology in general is becoming ever more integrated with our day to day – and professional – lives.

This week, we were interviewed via Twitters #BlogHour by the UK Blog Awards, in association with Odeon Cinemas on what advice we could give to aspiring writers – not just film bloggers, but bloggers in general. So we thought it would be great to pass our thoughts along! If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in contact with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or here.

Images by Jay Chow

Blog Awards: What’s the best way for brands and bloggers to work together to deliver award winning content?

Jay: We always aim to help independent film here, which are always great ‘brands’ to work with as they get the difficulties of going up against huge studios to vie for audience attention. Guest posts are always a bonus to get different points of view too, I’ve had the chance to write for movie magazines that I really admire and it’s great to build not only my brand as a writer, but Jump Scare’s too.

Blog Awards: How do you define success for your blog?

Jay: Tough one. I always like to feel artistically fulfilled, I like to write pieces that may get the readers to think a little deeper about a certain subject instead of – like many clickbait sites – putting together a ‘ten celebrities wore this dress, you won’t believe what happened next!’ article in five minutes. In saying that, those types of articles do tend to get attention, so it’s about getting the right balance. Find that sweet spot between personal fulfilment and audience enjoyment!

Blog Awards: Give us your BAFTA award winning speech in 140 characters or less.

Jay: Film is drama, film is horror, film is truth, film is lies, film is laughter but most importantly, film is magic. Never let it die

Blog Awards: Do you have a favourite film blogger, if so who

Jay: This one is easy for me, Mark Kermode. The UK’s best (and most trusted) film critic. A huge influence on my writing and the way I watch film.

Blog Awards: What makes an award-winning blog, in your opinion?

Jay: Understanding and engaging your audience, strong writing, original content, an accessible site and solid brand!

Blog Awards: What’s your main motivation for blogging? Are awards important?

Jay: Awards are icing on the cake. I just feel that I need to write about film otherwise I’d explode! There’s a lot of things I want to achieve in the world of writing and the film industry, so I see the Blog Awards as a great platform to leap from. I’ve got to be honest when I say I prefer to dissect films rather than a straight review. Finding their nuances and subtext as opposed to just reviewing a film and slamming it! Whatever film gets made, you can bet a lot of people worked very hard to get it to that point, it’s art and I don’t like destroying someone else’s work. In saying that, I believe when you release your product into the world, it’s not yours any more, it’s the publics and they can do with it as they wish. There’s no rule saying I have to enjoy whatever you put out.


The UK Blog Awards are taking place April 21st, 2017 in London. If you want to come along with Jay, Beth and Coxy tickets are available – here

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