By Jay Hunter Based off of the classic, Ringu, 2002’s The Ring terrified Western audiences. Kicking off the j-horror boom with scares totally alien to many mainstream audiences in America and Europe, the movie was a hit with both fans and critics. Unfortunately – thanks to waning interest and constant delays – Rings comes around a decade too late.


Fans of the series will be familiar with how the story goes. A bunch of beautiful twenty-somethings explore myths and legends surrounding a mysterious videotape said to kill the watcher within ‘seven days’.

Horror fans will also be familiar with how a threequel coming fifteen years after the first in the series usually goes, without a single mote of tension or dread in sight. There is an attempt to inject some life into the franchises lifeless corpse in the obvious form of smartphone and internet technology – but it’s clear it’s a series that should’ve stayed dead.


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