By Jay Hunter It’s important to realise that 50 Shades Darker is a sequel to a movie, which starred a woman who couldn’t; eat, drink or bathe herself without a man’s help – there was also a scene where he helped her put on a seatbelt. It was criticised for putting the feminist movement back seven generations, which I felt was unfair, it also put the human race in general back seven generations. But with the series original screenwriter, Kelly Marcel and director Sam Taylor-Johnson bowing out of the sequel, the series has lost what little identity it forged for itself.


After the pairs initial split, Anastasia Steele starts to figure out who she is as a woman, as Christian Grey works on his controlling mannerisms whilst battling his inner demons. However, when Anastasia learns about ghosts from Christians past, she must overcome her envy toward them as new characters circle in.

Fans of the first movie will be pleased to hear there’s still not one iota of chemistry between the two, as Dakota Johnson does her best to squeeze a drop of passion out of the dormant log that is Jamie Dornan. Director James Foley neuters any of the originals bum smacking absurdity in place of ridiculous plot twists and turns that are drudgingly executed. S&M enthusiasts will once again be angered with how their favourite pass-time is portrayed in the unsexiest sex movie since, well, the first one.


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