By Jay Hunter The Alien: Covenant prologue dropped out of nowhere today. The clip – just shy of five minutes – is rumoured to not feature in the final cut of the movie, however it still taught us one or two things about the ships crew, as well as leaving us with a few questions.

Michael Fassbender is aboard the Covenant, helping the crew before cryosleep

Although Fassbender is first seen aiding the ships crew, he clearly has ulterior motives

James Franco’s character is named Jake and is the captain of the Covenant

Jake is also coming down with a mystery illness, is it normal flu or something more sinister?

Katherine Waterson and James Franco hint at a relationship with a cheeky wink

Danny McBride is still Danny McBride

Although the ships crew is divided, there is clearly disconnect

There’s rumours of alien creatures, but are they the Xenomorphs?

There’s a clear nod to the late John Hurt

The Covenant crew are chartering the furthest reaches of space making the largest colonisation attempt ever.

Anything we missed? Check out the full prologue below and let us know in the comments!

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