In The Deep is the tenth feature film from director, Johannes Roberts and it is most certainly his best. Previous films such as The Other Side Of The Door and Storage 24 never cemented his place in the horror genre, but In The Deep will do just that.

By Dean Cox – The movie follows Lisa (Claire Holt) and Kate (Mandy Moore), who whilst on holiday in Mexico meet two local men. After a night of drinking the men offer them a chance of a lifetime, to dive with Great White Sharks. The girls have their suspicions but never the less agree to join the men the following morning. Once arriving at the dock to board the boat, they become worried about the condition of the equipment but are assured everything is fine and they are in safe hands. Of course this is not the case, after being lowered 5 meters into the water the chains holding the cage suddenly break, leaving the girls to plummet 47 metres down to the ocean bed, surrounded by Great White’s.

Whilst the movie does fails to hit the notes of more accomplished horror movies. Jump scares are used so repetitively you’d be forgiven for thinking the director wanted to just see if you’re still paying attention. The movie tends to deliver where many other animal movies fall short. Suspense and tension are here in spades and the plot device of Lisa and Kate’s oxygen running low, gives the movie an injection of urgency.

The lighting, dialogue and sound are all used well to create a tense and claustrophobic atmosphere which should keep viewers engaged throughout it’s lean runtime. The film marks the release of this Summers second shark thriller, along with The Shallows, and for my money In The Deep the more superior of the two.

If respectable shark movies continue to be pumped out, can it be long before Hollywood smell blood in the water and release a Jaws remake?

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