My three Ps: passion, patience, perseverance. You have to do this if you’ve got to be a filmmaker.
– Robert Wise


By Jay Hunter I first fell in love with cinema at the age of four after seeing Steven Spielberg’s Jaws, it is this film that has since gone on to form my cinematic ethos. I believe in incorporating character, suspense and spectacle in film.

At the age of eighteen I started working in a flagship cinema, as I studied the craft in more depth along with business studies. Whilst never falling out of love with cinema, I did feel at a loss at how to pursue it as a full time career whilst growing up in Liverpool, England. So at the age of 22 I created an Independent travel company that went on to turn over £1.6 million in sales over the period of twelve months, whilst doing this I felt it was still important for me to feel fulfilled personally, so I continued to study short courses via The National Film and Television School, attended seminars and absorbed information about the craft from everywhere I could. Additionally I created an award-nominated movie website by the name of Jump Scare which has over half a million impressions each month, wrote for high profile movie websites and magazines whilst creating social media campaigns for huge brands within the TV & Film industry.

Now at the age of 26 I have a plethora of relevant skills from other positions including; administrative duties, running social media campaigns, working within advertising, research, data input, script reporting, organising travel arrangements for clients and dealing with finances under high pressure in a busy office environment.

I am currently looking for short scripts to develop and produce. If you’re looking to get your script to the screen, be sure to email me via contact@jumpscareuk.com or fill out a contact form below.