Jump Scare Opens National Short Script Competition

See your short script brought to life!


By Jay Hunter Ever had an incredible idea for a short horror movie but never knew how to get it to the big screen? We’re looking for you!

Our team is made up of a number of individuals all of whom have studied the silver screen, from the theory of cinema to the business of film. 2017 marks the year that we move into producing shorts and we want to help the talented writers out there make their dream become reality.


If you’re a UK resident simply email your script to contact@jumpscareuk.com by July 31st and if chosen our team will help assemble a team to create your short whilst we personally deal with the project from pre-production all the way through to post.

To enquire about details or how to apply if you reside outside the UK feel free to email us and good luck!

#LostBoys30th – The Event Taking Liverpool by Storm

Jay sits down with the man behind the incredible event and asks “How did it all begin?”

By Jay Hunter Sleep all day, party all night, it’s fun to be a vampire‘. So goes the strap line for one of the most beloved films of the 1980s, The Lost BoysFor most, that bloodsucking adage would be a goal. Conjuring up images of beach parties and Jim Morrison murals, but George Jaeger-Wright isn’t most and he certainly doesn’t have time to sleep all day. Age 33, George is an avid fan of classic movies, music and retro gaming, working full-time at the lionised University of Liverpool.

But by night, the self professed “kid at heart” has started to experience a different kind of success. Leading up to the 30th anniversary of Joel Schumacher’s Lost Boys – a film that follows the story of teenage brothers Michael and Sam who move to Santa Carla, only to discover it’s invested by vampires – George decided to celebrate the milestone differently than most.

Whats next for George, Raiders, Veritgo, Star Wars, Jaws?

Using the power of OurScreen – a tool also used to promote new cosmic horror The Void – George decided to campaign for a small showing at FACT cinema, an independent arthouse in the heart of Liverpool. Almost overnight, George found the demand for tickets to be so insatiable that the cinema had to bunk him up to a larger auditorium and add an additional showing, which followed suit, selling out in the blink of an eye. We sat down with George to gain his insight into the whirlwind event.

JUMP SCARE: So, naturally the first question is why did you pick Lost Boys?

GEORGE: I have three main movies I grew up with watching religiously. The Goonies, the Warriors and The Lost Boys. As it’s the 30th Anniversary this year of the latter being released I was looking for somewhere showing the film. When I saw that nearest showing was Birmingham I went straight to OurScreen as I knew what they could provide. I had to request that the movie be added to their library as well! I was shocked. I didn’t think I would get the 27 tickets to allow the screening to go ahead, but I did, and then some! 

JUMP SCARE: Much has been made about the waining popularity of cinema with the rise of on demand programming such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Where do you think Our Screen fits in?

GEORGE: For me there is absolutely no substitute for going the cinema to see a movie that you’ve been eagerly awaiting. 

As technology gets better for watching movies, and streaming becomes more common (especially illegal streaming) then of course cinema ticket purchases will fall. People tend not to take gambles anymore on going to see something they’re unsure about (similar to the fall in music purchases, and the rise of Spotify etc.). Why pay £13 to see a movie you may not like when you can either wait for it to be released on Netflix or NowTV? In some ways it’s good, but if a movie is coming out which you’ve been looking forward or you think is a must see on the big screen (something like The Dark Tower, or Rogue One), then no matter how big and high end your TV and Blu-Ray player are, there is no substitute. 

Much like the recent rise in Vinyl sales for music, consumers are either going back to their childhood/teenage years with movies and TV, or going to a time they never experienced and want too because they’ve been told how good it was back then. Retro is very much the buzz word at the moment and has been for a while. 

A company like OurScreen is fantastic. It gives fans of older movies the chance to either relive going to see their favourites on the big screen or, like myself, the chance to see something for the first time on the big which they love. 

The event will screen at FACT Liverpool Sunday 25th and Monday 26th June

JUMP SCARE: The Lost Boys has an incredible cult following, but is often overlooked in ‘best of’ lists. Where do you rank it in terms of vampire movies or horror in general?

GEORGE: In terms of Vampire movies for me it’s got to be near the top if not number one. Fright Night (1985) is another 80’s one which is never on any ‘best of’ lists but is a definite cult classic.  You have classic vampire movies from Hammer which are looked at in a more favourable light (then the 80’s additions) possibly because of the quality of established actors playing the key roles. The fact that they look like ‘traditional Vampires’ is a big thing as well. Then you have modern vampire movies like Let the Right One In (another film I also adore), which is a much darker and bleaker version of the Vampire story. 

The Hammer movies are not to everyone’s taste as are the darker vampire stories. Lost Boys is a much more accessible take on the Vampire myth. I have introduced younger family members to it who weren’t even born in the 80’s and they have loved it (one has even got a tattoo to show his love for it). 

The popularity of the Lost Boys with young audiences over the last 30 years is similar to the popularity of characters like Spike from Buffy (the Vampire Slayer), or Eric from True Blood. The thing they have in common is that they’re all young (looking), with their cool clothes and cool music. They are cool, and more relatable then (the amazing) Christopher Lee who might look a bit like they’re Grandad. I don’t think a lot of teenagers nowadays watching Dracula (1958) would want to be him, but might watch David and the lad’s bike around the beach, causing havoc on the boardwalk and want to be them! 

JUMP SCARE: You of course run your own Facebook Page ‘Geeks That Don’t Want to Grow Up’ why did you start it?

GEORGE: I started the page up less than a year ago because there were a lot of other Geeky pages out there, but all had niche audiences. One might focus more on retro games (there’s that word again), horror movies, or the Star Wars franchise. I wanted to have a page for geeks and fans of all the above and more, in one place. I have such an eclectic taste with movies and TV. One day I might post about Rogue One, the next I’ll be posting about PsychoVille the next I might put a post-up about an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles form 1987. 

It’s something for everyone. It gives me a chance to try and get people interested in specific things they may not be sure about. For example, I posted about the 30th anniversary of ‘Withnail and I’ and likened it to the best British comedy movie of all time (in my opinion) ‘The Life of Brian’. A follower said he had never seen Withnail…but would give it a go because he really liked The Life of Brian. He gave it a go and messaged me about how much he loved it. 

JUMP SCARE: With the huge success of #LostBoys30th are you eyeing up any other movie screenings in the future, or is this a onetime deal for you?

GEORGE: Ideally I would love to do more nights. My wife has given me the idea of maybe picking another 5 movies I think people would love to see on the big screen, and then asking people to vote on it. That would be a great way of doing my market research and building from there. 

I have set this screening up and, along with the lovely people at FACT Liverpool, a quiz and tried to make it special occasion for everyone attending. 

I’ll wait until the dust settles on this event and see where to go to from there. I’ve daydreamed for a while about doing it as a business, so who knows what the future may hold? 

JUMP SCARE: If the Frog Brothers are fighters for truth, justice and the American way. What’s your motto?

GEORGE: I haven’t got my own motto, but I like to use another one from another cult classic favourite of mine. “Be excellent to each other!”.

George’s #LostBoys30th night is now sold out, but be sure to check out his page Geeks That Don’t Want to Grow Up to keep an eye out for more possible screenings in the future!


WIN! Private Screening for ‘The Great Wall’ Ahead of it’s General UK Release

A chance for you and your mates to see a private screening of Chinas most expensive movie of all time.

From the director of Hero and House Of Flying Daggers, and starring Matt Damon and Willem Dafoe, The Great Wall follows European mercenaries searching for black powder. When they become embroiled in the defense of the Great Wall of China against a horde of monstrous creatures. The wall is humanity’s last line of defence, and an elite group of warriors will give everything in the war for it.

Thanks to ODEON Cinemas you can join us in the battle to protect ‘The Great Wall’. To win, simply head over to our Twitter or Instagram page and retweet/like the images featuring The Great Wall competition!

The private screening for you and your friends will take place February 16th at Odeon Switch Island cinema, Liverpool.

Watch Ava DuVernay’s ’13th’ This Black History Month

A stark look at the judicial system in America

By Jay Hunter Black History Month, also known as African-American History Month in America, is an annual observance in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom for remembrance of important people and events in the history of the African diaspora.

Section 1. Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.

Section 2. Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation.


Last year, Ava Duvernay (Selma) released 13th a documentary which claims that the 13th amendment (see above) was constructed with a loophole. Allowing compulsory servitude as a forfeiture for crime, a clause which was then directly exploited once slavery had been abolished. Providing an in-depth look at the prison system in the United States the documentary manages to affirm the nation’s history of racial inequality with unequivocal vigour.

The abolition of slavery, through the chain gang labour that reinstated it, along with apartheid and “the mythology of black criminality”, serve as a precursor to a delineate track leading from the Nixon instilled “war on crime and drugs” to present day mass incarceration. Perhaps most startling is the big business of privately run prisons and conglomerates such as Victoria’s Secret which use convicts for cheap labour. DuVernay administers a narrative which deconstructs the amendment and leaves it bare as little more than a instrument to profit from African Americans.


A documentary of this nature could easily be dismissed as tin-foil hat propaganda, however well-researched chronicle’s and ardent one-on-one interviews means the claims that are presented are entirely plausible. No doubt leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the right.

Memorable blurbs affirming that the US penal system is worth around $600 billion a year stain the memory and will not be easily forgotten. A heartbreaking final scene which you may have seen being shared on Facebook recently, punctuates an important movie with a hard hitting reminder of inequality in todays world. A must watch for this years Black History month.

Monster Charity Project 2017 Uses Horror for Good

From the UK’s top artists from the prop-making and movie Special FX make-up industries.

Frankenstein’s Monster as you have never seen him before, completely customised in unique designs by some of the UK’s top artists from the prop-making and movie Special FX make-up industries.


25 of the UK’s top prop-making, sculpting and SPFX make-up artists have been brought together to take part in a unique charity project. Each artist has been given a bespoke Frankenstein-inspired monster bust, created and supplied by SVFX University of Bolton Special & Visual Effects team, with the simple instruction: Customise him into any design you like.

Once customised, the artists then donate the finished bust back to the Monster Charity Project organisers who will auction them off via an online auction site. 100% of the proceeds raised from the auction will be donated to Make-A-Wish UK. All the artists and the back room project crew donate their time and skills totally free of charge.

Last year the same project team raised a staggering £28,000 for Make-A-Wish at Star Wars Celebration London with a similar project featuring an iconic Star Wars Helmet. 30 artists took part creating such custom designs as Deadpool, Judge Dredd , Batman and a Studio Ghibli inspired design.

The busts will be going on a UK tour during 2017 taking in such conventions as Horror Con UK,  finishing the year at Creaturegeddon where many of the featured artists can be seen sharing their work and also available for a chat. The Monster Charity Project is also in talks to have the display featured at the very popular Grimmfest event in Manchester.

People will be able to start viewing the completed busts from May 2017 via various social media outlets and the above mentioned conventions, the project busts then go to auction on October 31st 2017, ending November 5th 2017

For further information and updates on this amazing cause, be sure to follow the project on Facebook and Twitter

The UK Blog Awards ask Jump Scare UK ‘What Does it Take to Run an Award-Winning Blog?’

Owner of Jump Scare UK, Jay shares his thoughts.

By Jay Hunter Earlier this year – due to amazing fan support – we were informed that Jump Scare UK was in the finals of the UK Blog Awards, becoming one of the top eight independent arts & culture blogs in the country. Since then, we’ve received a lot of questions from a variety of industries on what it takes to become an award-nominated blog, after all blogging and technology in general is becoming ever more integrated with our day to day – and professional – lives.

This week, we were interviewed via Twitters #BlogHour by the UK Blog Awards, in association with Odeon Cinemas on what advice we could give to aspiring writers – not just film bloggers, but bloggers in general. So we thought it would be great to pass our thoughts along! If you have any additional questions, feel free to get in contact with us on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or here.

Images by Jay Chow

Blog Awards: What’s the best way for brands and bloggers to work together to deliver award winning content?

Jay: We always aim to help independent film here, which are always great ‘brands’ to work with as they get the difficulties of going up against huge studios to vie for audience attention. Guest posts are always a bonus to get different points of view too, I’ve had the chance to write for movie magazines that I really admire and it’s great to build not only my brand as a writer, but Jump Scare’s too.

Blog Awards: How do you define success for your blog?

Jay: Tough one. I always like to feel artistically fulfilled, I like to write pieces that may get the readers to think a little deeper about a certain subject instead of – like many clickbait sites – putting together a ‘ten celebrities wore this dress, you won’t believe what happened next!’ article in five minutes. In saying that, those types of articles do tend to get attention, so it’s about getting the right balance. Find that sweet spot between personal fulfilment and audience enjoyment!

Blog Awards: Give us your BAFTA award winning speech in 140 characters or less.

Jay: Film is drama, film is horror, film is truth, film is lies, film is laughter but most importantly, film is magic. Never let it die

Blog Awards: Do you have a favourite film blogger, if so who

Jay: This one is easy for me, Mark Kermode. The UK’s best (and most trusted) film critic. A huge influence on my writing and the way I watch film.

Blog Awards: What makes an award-winning blog, in your opinion?

Jay: Understanding and engaging your audience, strong writing, original content, an accessible site and solid brand!

Blog Awards: What’s your main motivation for blogging? Are awards important?

Jay: Awards are icing on the cake. I just feel that I need to write about film otherwise I’d explode! There’s a lot of things I want to achieve in the world of writing and the film industry, so I see the Blog Awards as a great platform to leap from. I’ve got to be honest when I say I prefer to dissect films rather than a straight review. Finding their nuances and subtext as opposed to just reviewing a film and slamming it! Whatever film gets made, you can bet a lot of people worked very hard to get it to that point, it’s art and I don’t like destroying someone else’s work. In saying that, I believe when you release your product into the world, it’s not yours any more, it’s the publics and they can do with it as they wish. There’s no rule saying I have to enjoy whatever you put out.


The UK Blog Awards are taking place April 21st, 2017 in London. If you want to come along with Jay, Beth and Coxy tickets are available – here

19 Things Every Friday 13th Fan Needs


For every fan of Mrs.Voorhees’ baby boy. Topless teens, drugs around the campfire and a whole lot of merchandise!

By Beth McConnell Friday the 13th is one of the most celebrated and beloved horror franchises of all time. With twelve (soon to be thirteen!) movies under it’s belt, it’s garnered quite the array of merchandise over it’s 36 year history. We present 19 must have items for every Friday the 13th fan:


Jason Takes Control https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/288239147/custom-jason-voorhees-friday-the-13th?ref=market Jason Takes Control https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/288239147/custom-jason-voorhees-friday-the-13th?ref=market

18. Film Cells

Sold! https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/250253398/friday-the-13th-framed-film-cell-35-mm?ref=market Sold!

17. These Highly Ineffective Yet Must-Have Spoons!

Masking the fact they're terrible for souping but are just too cool to pass!  Masking the fact they’re terrible for souping but are just too cool to pass!

16. Meet Kane Hodder at a Convention and have him Choke the Life out of you!

This is so awesome. This is so awesome.

15. This…


14. The Ultimate Blu-ray Collection (That Steel Box Though)

So much want So much want

13. All the Masks!


12. Anything signed

Damn  http://www.icollector.com/Kane-Hodder-Signed-Jason-Friday-the-13th-Machete-Hodder-COA_i21341839 Damn

11. Camp Crystal Lake Cushion (May Contain Death Curse)

So inviting http://www.redbubble.com/shop/crystal+lake
So inviting

10. The Board-game

Fun for the whole family http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2016/04/special-pre-order-for-friday-13th.html Fun for the whole family

9. The Original Super Nintendo Game

So bad, yet so good! http://game-oldies.com/play-online/friday-the-13th-nintendo-nes So bad, yet so good!

8. This Coffee Table

  wow! http://brokehorrorfan.com/post/112714135346/the-ed-gein-lounge-chair-we-posted-a-couple-of   wow!


7. A Goblet of Desire

Yes.  http://www.monstersinmotion.com/cart/horror-contemporary-item-listj-c-16_223/friday-the-13th-jason-goblet-p-16433 Yes. 

6. Another Very Rare Statue

Such awesome http://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectibles/friday-the-13th-jason-voorhees-legend-of-crystal-lake-sideshow-collectibles-3003671/ Such awesome

5. A Friday 13th Mr. Potato Head

I can think of a thousand uses for it! https://www.bigbadtoystore.com/bbts/product.aspx?product=PPW10142&mode=retail I can think of a thousand uses for it!

4. The Coolest Converse Evah!

neat! https://bagginsshoes.com/converse-converse-chuck-taylor-all-star-hi-top-the-13th-13th.html Neat!

3. Original Copy of this Bad-Boy!

What music they make https://www.turntablelab.com/products/harry-manfredini-friday-the-13th-1980-original-score-colored-vinyl-180g-vinyl-lp
What music they make

2. Rare Copy of Original Poster

So Cool http://schmoesknow.com/friday-the-13th-celebration-breaking-down-every-movie-yes-all-of-them/30916/ So Cool 

1. Selfie with Tom Savini

Chris Jericho is so Lucky Chris Jericho is so Lucky